Future Residents

Submit an Application

Applying at Resident Properties is safe, secure and easy.

Simply follow these five easy steps:

  1. Please review the rental and deposit criteria along with the application process.
  2. Before submitting your application, please verify the unit you want is available by contacting Resident Property Management by email at info@residentproperties.us.
  3. Complete all required fields on the application. Incomplete submissions may delay your application or cause your application to be rejected.
  4. Pay the $40 Non-Refundable Application Fee using a credit or debit card. Please note: If you do not receive a confirmation that payment was made, you will need to contact Resident Property Management at info@residentproperties.us before your application is processed. Applications will not be processed without payment.
  5. We do not accept paper copies, all applications must be electronically submitted and paid for via PayPal.

One application needs to be completed per adult. The application fee is $40 per adult

Note for International Guests

Because this application was designed for US residents, please make the following changes when submitting your application: Enter all “0”s for the Social Security number & phone numbers. For the rental references, choose “MN” for the State dropdown, and enter a zipcode of “55901”.