Application Process


Our application process is quick and straightforward so we can be timely with our unit availability and fair to others that are inquiring. Units will not be withheld from availability without an application being submitted and the $40 non-refundable fee paid. With an application, a unit will only be held for the allotted amount of time, see below for more information. Before applying, please take the following steps to ensure quick and easy processing of your application:

Application Process

Once the application is submitted and the non-refundable fee is paid, the application will be processed. After processing, an email will be sent requesting information to verify sufficient funds, employment, rental history or homeownership if applicable. This stage of the application process generally only takes 1-3 days to complete. Upon completion, the details of the lease will be required to be confirmed within 24 hours. The lease will be sent after confirmation and is required to be signed along with paying the deposit within 48 hours.

Deposit Requirement

A standard deposit matches the rent of the room for one month, but it is not used towards rent if the required deposit criteria of one year of U.S rental history or homeownership and a credit score of 600 or better are met. If one or both of the deposit requirements are not met, this would subject the applicant to a double deposit.

The deposit is not used towards rental fees. The deposit is held in an interest-bearing account and is only for damage/extensive cleaning needs should that be necessary. The deposit is generally returned within 7 business days of moving out less a cleaning fee depending on the building. Units are expected to be returned clean and the fee is used to offset our costs of our housekeeper, painter, and maintenance that is taken care of in the unit between residents.


Note for International Guests

Because this application was designed for US residents, please make the following changes when submitting your application: Enter all “0”s for the Social Security number & phone numbers. For the rental references, choose “MN” for the State dropdown, and enter a zipcode of “55901”.