Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all prospective residents must apply and pay the non-refundable application fee. This is for all adults over the age of 18 that will be residing within the unit.

The application process takes 1-3 days to complete. Once the details of the lease are confirmed, the lease and deposit are required to be taken care of within 48 hours.

We are mindful of creating vacancy within the buildings so we do require the lease and payments to start on the date available. We do try to find units that suit your preferred dates.

In the state of Minnesota (MN), deposits must be returned within 21 days, we typically return deposits within 7 business days.


Yes, this along with the lease is what officially holds the unit until your move in.


The deposit is used only for potential damage or extensive cleaning needs


Please visit the potential building’s page for requirements or feel free to email us.


A month to month lease is a lease that automatically renews each month until 30 days notice is given which effectively ends your lease. The notice does need to be received via email.

With the wait list, we note the date and time people request to be placed on the wait list along with their preferred lease start date and length. The date/time and preferred dates are what determine the order we reach out. In the event that a unit becomes available close to your preferred dates, you will be notified and provided an allotted amount time to apply before we release the unit to the next person in line or list it publicly.

Yes, The units are expected to be returned clean, and the cleaning fee is used to offset our costs of our housekeeper, painter, and maintenance that is taken care of in the unit between residents. The amount of the fee will vary depending on the building and is deducted from your deposit at the end of your lease. There is a charge for the mattress cover and shower curtain as well so that these are new for each new resident and protect our mattresses and the floors from water damage.

Our goal is to make payments easy by including all utilities along with cable TV and internet in the monthly rental fee. However, this may vary depending on the building.

While we love animals, we do not allow them to reside at our buildings.

Small items such as lamps or non wall mounted TVs are allowed. However, we do not allow items such as dressers, beds, desks, or similar large items to be moved in to prevent damage to the buildings.

With any prorated fees for a move in not on the first of the month, you may be required to pay the prorated rental price, the following months rental payment, and deposit. These payments should be completed before arrival, precisely eight business days before arrival, to allow time for bank processing.

Our office is closed on all major holidays such as Christmas or July 4th. We do not schedule move-ins or showings for days such as these as they are taken for time with our families.

With being an apartment we do not provide cleaning supplies or cleaning services. If needed we can direct you to a cleaning service but this is not a service included in the monthly rental fee and is the resident’s responsibility

All payments must settle prior to move in. At times this may require a payment via credit card as processing time is quicker. There is a fee of 3.5% to pay with a credit card and this is not waived at any time.