Applicant Criteria

Application Requirements

  1. Rental History
    1. 1 year rental or home ownership history — Qualifies
    2. 0-1 year of rental or home ownership history — Qualifies with a double deposit
    3. No Unlawful Detainers, Writs of Recover/Evictions
  2. Credit History
    1. Credit Score
      1. 0-600 — Qualifies with a double deposit
      2. 601+ — Qualifies
    2. No current collection accounts greater than $100 or current judgements
    3. No bankruptcies or foreclosures within 1 year
    4. Application may be rejected due to poor credit history
  3. Income
    1. Sufficient verifiable income is necessary to pay rent and all outstanding debts
    2. Income may be verified in one of the following ways
      1. Two most recent pay stubs
      2. Previous two years tax returns (if self-employed)
      3. Letter of new employment
      4. Student loan approval
      5. Bank balance showing sufficient funds to pay rent for duration of lease.
  4. Criminal Background
    1. All felonies within the last 10 years will disqualify a tenant
    2. All violent crimes will disqualify a tenant, no time limit
    3. Any other crimes will be reviewed on a case by case basis

Applicant understands that their non-refundable application fee of $40 per adult will be withheld by ANK Property, LLC if the applicant does not meet the standards outlined above.
The foregoing criteria are used as guidelines for tenancy. However, the Landlord retains the right at all times to determine whether an applicant is eligible for residency.

Submit an Application

One application needs to be completed per adult, 18 years or older. The application fee is $40 per adult, and the fee is non-refundable.
Please note on the application your dates of stay and which building and unit price point you are applying for.


Note for International Guests

Because this application was designed for US residents, please make the following changes when submitting your application: Enter all “0”s for the Social Security number & phone numbers. For the rental references, choose “MN” for the State dropdown, and enter a zipcode of “55901”.